Made in Argyll : Waverley Crafts

Chris Robertson studied graphic design and photography at Art College.
She lived in Glasgow for many years where she ran her own clothing design business. Her floral art displays won many awards at Scottish flower shows and she appeared on television when The Beechgrove Garden featured the Glasgow garden which she created.

Since moving to Oban Chris has been inspired by the local landscape to create her own range of sea glass jewellery and pictures.

Each of her products is unique, each piece a one off original design – none more so than her current range of exciting 3-Dimensional “Explosion Cards”, which are now  available at exceptionally good prices in Made in Argyll shop on the Waterfront.

Made in Argyll : Selkie Crafts

Selkie Crafts

Everyone expresses their own personal style through fashion, but the fashion industry makes women feel inadequate. At Selkie Crafts I want to boost women’s’ self-confidence by creating items that express their unique style with beautifully crafted, stunning pieces.
As a trained ecologist I am heavily inspired by natures beautiful, elegant & natural forms; but as a SCUBA diver I also prize practicality.
My business name & logo celebrates my Selkie lifestyle as a keen SCUBA diver. Selkies are mythical Scottish creatures that look like seals in the sea, but on land shed their skin to become beautiful women. It is said that if a man steals the Selkies seal skin she will remain faithful to him but long to return to the sea. If her  skin is returned, she will disappear to the sea and never be seen again.
The 5 core values of Selkie Crafts:
• Everyone is beautiful in their own way.
• Nature is beautiful.
• Protect the environment.
• Sustainability should be the norm.
• Happiness is more than money


Stash Baskets

Do you find yourself ooooooing and aaaaahing over wool?
Ah yes, an occupational hazard I’m afraid. You are acquiring what is called a ‘stash’.
Your stash is important. It will contain new balls in anticipation of
future projects and small remnants from things previously made. It needs to be kept away from the  spouse/kids/dog and the cat. So here we have your own yarn basket to keep your stash safe. Your stash basket is hand made in Oban using T-shirt yarn. Simply add your yarn and enjoy the fact that nobody can get at your stash.


A glimpse inside the shop

Just a couple of weeks in, take a peek around the shop.

What a lovely collection of local creativity !

Thought you might like a virtual tour around our lovely new shop. We have some beautiful hand made products, something for everyone. Do pop in today and have a look around yourself. All handmade by local artists and crafters. We are opposite the railway station, look for the bunting! We are open until 5pm today and until 4pm tomorrow. All Made in Argyll.

Posted by Ada Daly on Saturday, 19 August 2017