Easter with Hope Kitchen

This Easter, we are pleased to be supporting an excellent charitable cause.  New Hope (Kitchen) of Oban gives support to so many people in and around Oban, so we thought it would be good to give them a little back.

Their Knitting Group, together with many other friends, family and volunteers have got together and knitted all the lovely, and sometimes quirky chicks that you see in the baskets in our Easter window display.

We are now looking for forever homes for all our chicks which are £1.50 each and come with a delicious cream egg inside.  All proceeds will go to New Hope (Kitchen).  So please come in and support this worthwhile cause by adopting a little chick.

And there’s more!   inside 3 chicks will be a £5.00 gift voucher for you to spend instore.  Let us know if you are a winner.



Made in Argyll : Selkie Crafts

Selkie Crafts

Everyone expresses their own personal style through fashion, but the fashion industry makes women feel inadequate. At Selkie Crafts I want to boost women’s’ self-confidence by creating items that express their unique style with beautifully crafted, stunning pieces.
As a trained ecologist I am heavily inspired by natures beautiful, elegant & natural forms; but as a SCUBA diver I also prize practicality.
My business name & logo celebrates my Selkie lifestyle as a keen SCUBA diver. Selkies are mythical Scottish creatures that look like seals in the sea, but on land shed their skin to become beautiful women. It is said that if a man steals the Selkies seal skin she will remain faithful to him but long to return to the sea. If her  skin is returned, she will disappear to the sea and never be seen again.
The 5 core values of Selkie Crafts:
• Everyone is beautiful in their own way.
• Nature is beautiful.
• Protect the environment.
• Sustainability should be the norm.
• Happiness is more than money


Made in Argyll : Waverley Crafts

Chris Robertson studied graphic design and photography at Art College.
She lived in Glasgow for many years where she ran her own clothing design business. Her floral art displays won many awards at Scottish flower shows and she appeared on television when The Beechgrove Garden featured the Glasgow garden which she created.

Since moving to Oban Chris has been inspired by the local landscape to create her own range of sea glass jewellery and pictures.

Each of her products is unique, each piece a one off original design – none more so than her current range of exciting 3-Dimensional “Explosion Cards”, which are now  available at exceptionally good prices in Made in Argyll shop on the Waterfront.

Made in Argyll : Rosslyn’s Gems

Rosslyn’s Gems

Multi Media Jewellery Maker

I loved jewellery but when shopping I couldn’t always find exactly what
I wanted in the size or colour I wanted. I started making jewellery and quickly became excited to learn all the different techniques. I began to dabble in lots of different areas of jewellery making. My latest venture has been cement jewellery. My poor friends and family were the recipients of some pretty dodgy looking jewellery at the beginning of my jewellery making journey!


If I had to say which form of jewellery making I like best it would be wire working, but that may change. I love designing unique pieces of jewellery which you won’t find in the shops. Lots of my pieces are unique and
I do enjoy making one off designs. It gives me a great sense of achievement when a customer likes my jewellery. My need to bead is still very much in evidence, I even take my tools and jewellery findings on holiday!
The Made in Argyll Shop has provided not only a venue for displaying and selling my work, but some lovely very talented new friends in my fellow crafters who have amazing artistry and talent. We have received so many lovely comments from customers and this has been very encouraging.

Stash Baskets

Do you find yourself ooooooing and aaaaahing over wool?
Ah yes, an occupational hazard I’m afraid. You are acquiring what is called a ‘stash’.
Your stash is important. It will contain new balls in anticipation of
future projects and small remnants from things previously made. It needs to be kept away from the  spouse/kids/dog and the cat. So here we have your own yarn basket to keep your stash safe. Your stash basket is hand made in Oban using T-shirt yarn. Simply add your yarn and enjoy the fact that nobody can get at your stash.


Made in Argyll : Bluebell Jewels / Fyne Frames

We are a family based business, who have been crafting in Argyll for more than 10 years. We started with jewellery then added Fyne Frames to our range a few years ago.

For Bluebell Jewels I work with mostly gemstones and Swarovski Crystals but also make my own glass, silver clay and resin creations.

With Fyne Frames we specialise in Harris Tweed pictures and clocks using Scottish Themed wooden cut outs

Made in Argyll : Oriana’s Jewellery

My name is Oriana and I have been making jewellery in my home town of Oban for over 10 years.  Oriana’s Jewellery is made using gorgeous sparkling Swarovski Crystals, Murano and Venetian Glass with Sterling Silver.
I first fell in love with Swarovski Crystals in my teens when my Granny bought me a Swarovski Crystal Swan.  From then on, there was no going back, and my collection of Swarovski animals grew.  It was only a matter of time that my love of jewellery and Swarovski Crystals led me to combine the two, to design and make my own range of jewellery.  I now also have a fun range called Sparkles by Oriana where I use a wide range of materials and metals.

‘Everyone needs a little Sparkle in their lives’
Oriana Lopez
Polvinister Road
Oban, Argyll,
PA34 5TN
TEL: 07876 142 808
EMAIL: orianasjewellery@hotmail.com
FB: orianasjewellery