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Hi I am Jan, I tend to be an all round crafter who enjoys nothing more than trying out new crafts.
My main passion is knitting. I first started knitting when I was 3 years old (Please do not ask how long ago that was). My dolls and teddies were the best dressed toys in the area!
As most teenagers did I tried to follow fashion trends and adapt it to my own style, I suppose that is when I began adapting and creating my own patterns.
The knitwear I have in Made in Argyll is just a small selection of what I have made recently, so please call in and have à look. If you see something you like but it is the wrong colour or size please contact me and I will knit one that is just right for you. I have a King Cole pattern catalogue in Made in Argyll from which you can choose a pattern. There is also a yarn catalogue and a variety of yarns in the shop for you to chose from. Make yourchoices, let me know your sizes and I willl work out the cost and do the rest.